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By Lena / September 19, 2011
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Using The Website for Saving Money, A Necessity Not Just A Good Idea

Those people that have been couponing for a number of years now, particularly online, know that using the website for saving money is a necessity. With a sudden surge in couponing because of a perfect storm of a long recession, acceptance of frugality as a virture, and a successful TV show (Extreme Couponing) touting the virtues of couponing, couponing has probably not ever been more popular. With that popularity has come many websites on couponing, but among them all is a cornerstone. Almost all couponing efforts can come start at the website for saving money. The reason why is that makes couponing a whole lot less work.

Using to Not Clip Coupons

Every couponer probably starts the same way, they get their Sunday circulars and Internet printouts together to have a big marathon session of cutting out coupons. Then comes the headache of sorting coupons by brand, type, and expiration date. After that, comes hauling an index card box or a big notebook full of coupons to the grocery store. However, while using the website for saving money it can also be used for saving time.

Instead, what a couponer can do is take their Sunday paper coupons, leave them intact, write the date on them, and then leave them alone until needed. So, one can go through their weekly sales, decide what they want from the sale, and then look for a coupon on The coupon database will tell the user the coupon source (SmartSource, Red Plum, Proctor and Gamble, etc.), the date published (which Sunday paper), the expiration date, the product, and the value of the coupon. Then all one needs to do is to go to their stack of Sunday circulars to find the right coupon to cut out for their shopping trip. This does save a lot of time and effort by letting the Internet do the work.

Getting Started with Coupon

To use a lot of the functionality on one does have to register. However, registration is free. That is good news because many other online, coupon databases charge for what provides for free. Once a person is registered with their username and password, they can login, check the coupon database which is sorted by region or state. They can also look for national sales which also provide coupon matchups.

Using for National Stores

Utilizing the website for saving money is awesome for finding deals at the national chain stores. tracks the sales for stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Dollar General. What the website does is look at what is being advertised as a sale by store and matches it against the coupon database. The website will say what coupon to use and give the expected savings. There’s a number of ways you can sort the results. A favorite way to sort the results is by percentage of money saved, descending. By using descending the results will be sorted with the largest savings first. As a matter fact the first savings results will be if there are any items that are free or even moneymakers. Again, this saves a lot of work from having to go through each sale circular individually and trying to match up a person’s clipped coupons. This way the work is already done for you.

Using for Local Stores

While coupon does a great job matching sales to coupons for national stores, it should be obvious that it would be more difficult for the website to do that for local stores. This is where one will have to do what was mentioned above about not having to clip coupons. That is to look at one’s own sale circular to find the sales that they’re interested in, then match those sales against the coupon database a While this is one more step than is needed for the national stores, it still saves a lot of time from having to clip, sort, and record what coupons one has.

As a resource using the website for saving money is not just a good idea, but for every serious couponer it’s a necessity.

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