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Using to save money is relatively simple. One simply goes to, checks the coupons they would like, and clicks print. However, with the following few tips one can even maximize more savings when using to save money.

SmartSource Are the Sunday Paper Coupon Guys

For any couponer, gathering coupons from the Sunday paper is the cornerstone their money saving efforts. Smart Source is one of the main inserts in Sunday papers across the nation, with Red Plum being another. Therefore, should someone like coupons they see in their Sunday paper and would want more, they should go to the SmartSource website and see if they’re available for printing.  This way of getting even more coupons only is a great way for using to save money. Typically Lets A Person Print Twice

Most online coupon aggregators, places where one can go and click coupons for different products, will allow a person to print twice for each coupon. Meaning they can go to and click once, then go back and click again to print a second time. Now, this two print rule is usually limited per computer. That means if a person has access to more than one computer they could print twice from each computer gathering even more coupons.

Using – Change Your Zip Code for Better Offers

Again, coupon websites like provide coupons based upon regions. Some offers are offered nationally, while others are targeted to certain regions. The product manufactures do this so they can limit the number of coupons they put out to lower their costs. Of course manufactures of name brand items want their products to be used in households that have a lot of disposable income. That is why in Sunday papers not every city will get the same coupons.

However, on websites the computer will try to determine where someone is based upon their computer IP address. This is not always accurate but they use it as a default. Because is not always accurate, websites like allows a person to change or correct their ZIP code. Therefore, if one was put in a zip code for a prosperous community like Scottsdale, Arizona (85255) or Beverly Hills, California (90212) more product coupons could be offered.

Using – Choose Your Stores Wisely

Couponing does take some work and effort, because of this one wants to choose their stores wisely. One of the first things one wants to check out is a store’s coupon policy. The main thing to look for when using to save money is to see if they accept Internet coupons. Because there has been a lot of fraud with Internet coupons many stores no longer accept them. The next thing to check in the store policy is to see if the store will double (or even triple) coupons. Shopping at stores that will double coupons, even Internet coupons, is the best thing any couponer can do.

Using – Check Back Regularly and other online coupon sites change their offers regularly. One of the reasons manufacturers like using the Internet to distribute coupons is that they can target their area geographically and also limit the number of coupons that are out there at any one time. So, the product manufactures may tell SmartSource to limit the number of coupons to say 100,000. But after a period of time they may tell them to up that to 250,000. So, where at one time may have taken an offer off its website, they may put it back after being told to offer more coupons. Actually, there may be a number of reasons that coupons are being offered or not offered at any given time.  Just know that you should schedule to come back and check for new offers regularly.

Using – Video

Hopefully, the above tips will be able to maximize a person’s using to save money. The follow video talks about and using

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