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Save on Groceries When You Buy in Bulk

save on groceries when you buy buy in bulkSave on Groceries When You Buy in Bulk

In today’s economy many people are finding it most difficult to make ends meet. Stretching the dollar has become the focus of many families. It’s not just about paying the bills these days it’s about having enough money to put food on the table.

One way families can save money is to save on groceries and buy in bulk. It is surprising how much money a family can save by shopping for food that is on sale or available in bulk.

Buy in Bulk – Buy Several While They are Cheap

There are several ways to save money by buying in bulk. One way to save money is by buying food that is on sale. Buying in bulk in this way would mean buying more than one item that is on sale. On one occasion I myself found some toothpaste on sale for $.78. It was a good brand and there were five boxes left on the shelf. I purchased all five boxes of toothpaste. This actually saved me almost $10, which is a pretty good savings. This type of savings has to do with keeping your eye on a really good sale and buying as much of the item as you can afford at the time of the sale.

On another occasion I was in Kmart and there were 6 large boxes of powdered Gain gain on sale for two dollars each. Again I purchased every single box left on the shelf. This particular savings added up to a savings of about $12 per box.

Buy in Bulk – Buy Large Containers and Then Divide

Another way to save money is by buying large quantities of food items either on sale or in larger containers. Most people think this means it has to be dried or canned food items as other food items may go bad sooner than can be used. However by purchasing a vacuum food sealer it is possible to buy all types of foods in large quantities that will last a very long time due to pack into an airtight package. Going to stores such as Costco or Sams or BJ’s where big discounts are offered for buying large quanities can save you a lot of money if you have somewhere to store all the extras until you need them.

There are quite a few food items that can be stored for long periods of time in the refrigerator as well as the freezer by using a vacuum food sealer. For instance, cheese will last much longer in an airtight container that it would by being stored in the refrigerator. Meet can be stored for several months in the freezer longer than usual using a vacuum food sealer.

One thing to keep in mind when storing meat in the freezer is to take the larger portions and cut them into smaller family or single size servings. Then use the vacuum sealer by placing each portion in its own separate container and storing it for later use. Investing in a freezer, you may be able to make back your money within a few months.

Another way people save money when buying in bulk is by buying food in larger containers. However, before buying any item in a larger quantity be sure to check the per ounce or per pound price as sometimes buying the smaller container can actually be cheaper than buying in the larger containers.

These days those of us who are keeping a close eye on our budget need to pay attention to the deep discounts often offered on soon to expire foods, and/or products the stores are trying to quickly move off the shelves. The key is to be prepared and taking vantage of the sales when they are available.

Buy in bulk  andcan save you a ton at the register
Seven weeks ago the Inland Northwest community was introduced to Jolinda Eibert, a Spokane mom who saves nearly 80-percent on every grocery bill. Here´s another one of her secrets: Buying in bulk.

The new slogan of 2011 may just be, “Save on groceries, buy in bulk.”


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