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Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill – Rent a cell phone

save money on your cell phone billSave money on your cell phone bill

Probably there’s nobody nowadays who won’t like to speak on mobile phones for long hours, so the ability to save money on your phone bill is attractive to everyone. However, there’s something before us which prohibits us of spending more time on mobile conversation. Often some users complain that every month they receive huge phone bills due to costly talktime plans.
Considering a Rental Cell Phone, want to save money on your cell phone bill, but just not Sure? What will people think?  What if you losse it?

Today mobile phones are as omnipresent as air. You simply can’t get away from them. Yet despite (or because of) their popularity, there is still a large minority of people who do not have a mobile phone, nor wish to buy one. Yet at times, such as business trips, these phones can be not only helpful, but essential. For this reason a rental cell phone may be worthy of serious consideration.

Save money on your cell phone bill -Get over the peer pressure

One of the reasons that many people have yet to purchase cell phones is that the stigma attached to those with such devices is a negative one. People with mobile phones turn the volume up as loud as possible so that when the phone rings, it can be heard half a block away -a rather loud experience in an enclosed space, such as a room or subway car. As well, the people who own these phones are prone to speaking so loudly that they force everyone else to be privy to their conversation, whether they wish this or not.

Another problem with mobile phones is their expense, at least historically. However, as more people purchase this luxury, the price goes down, particularly if one purchases a model with few frills.

However, no matter one’s reasons for not purchasing, a rental cell phone may be the answer. In addition to not being a monthly bill, a rental cell phone can come quite in handy if you make a trip to another city or state yet still want to stay in touch with your family, friends, boss, or whomever.

There are a few features that you should ask for when procuring a rental cell phone. Of course, as it’s such a temporary investment, you may consider getting all of the extra options as well.

Save money on your cell phone bill – Considerations

First, when you think about saving money on your cell phone bill by renting a cell phone, size is a consideration. The cellular phones of the 80’s were the size of a military field walkie-talkie. Those days are long gone. In fact the mobiles of today are smaller and sleeker than Captain Kirk’s communication device on Star Trek. As well, with the Bluetooth option, you needen’t even open a rental cell phone, much less expose your brain to what some scientists say are harmful rays when applied against the ear.

As well, rather than endangering yourself -should you find a Bluetooth uncomfortable on your ear, many a rental cell phone also has a speaker. This is especially nice if you are driving, as you needn’t endanger yourself or others around you by holding one hand on the steering wheel, and the other hand holding the phone.

If you require a rental cell phone, chances are that you’ll also be in a situation where you’ll want a camera, which many mobile phones, indeed have. These phones include digital zoom lenses along with Java supports and even 3D graphics, all easily downloadable to a computer. In addition to this, many such phones can co-ordinate easily with email and the internet, should you be in a position in which you’ll need to get online.
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