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By Lena / October 25, 2011

save money on clothesSave Money on Clothes, Starting with These Tips

Do you find yourself scrambling at the start of every school year to buy clothes for your kids and afford all your usual costs? Does seasonal clothes shopping seem to just drain the cash out of you while everything doesn’t fit or is worn out by next year? With just a few tips, you will find yourself able to better afford all your family’s clothing needs, and more, at every change of the season.

Save Money on Clothes – Slightly Used

The first tip is that it never hurts to get something in good used condition. Have a clothing trade-off with friends or neighbors with kids of similar sizes, giving everyone something ‘new’ to incorporate into their current wardrobe. You can also do this with a group of friends who share sizes in clothing, without spending a dime. Start visiting the local thrift store. Everything is so much cheaper there that if you’re used to spending loads on clothing, you’ll find yourself able to grab whatever you or your kids want off the rack, try it on, get stuff that fits, and be able to buy it all significantly cheaper. Go to every one you can in town, and you’ll likely find nearly everything you need and like considerably. The same goes with garage sales. People sometimes get rid of clothing that’s in really great condition either because they are bored, it was a gift that didn’t fit right, or they have that much to spare. In any case, this is a great way to find some unique stuff that no one else is going to be able to get from the store when they ask where you or your kids got that great outfit.

Save Money on Clothes – Buy High Quality

Well-built clothing with a really simple sense of style that perseveres through the ins and outs of fashion always lasts longer and saves you money in the long run. Investing in any brand new clothing, especially important pieces like denim, sweaters, and coats, will be done best if you can pick something that lasts over other choices. Some synthetic fabrics are made too thin and easily rip, tear, stretch with use, and quickly pill up with those annoying little fuzz balls after short term wear. They look trendy, but it also gets you back into the store buying new clothing faster than you anticipated before. You can usually spot these types of clothing by just feeling them on the rack and looking at the fabric content on the tag. Sticking with good old basic cotton and other traditional fabrics never seems to fail in durability, as long as the weave and thread density isn’t terribly thin, either. If you find a piece that makes a simple statement that looks like it will last from its fabric content and construction, go ahead and buy a few of them in different colors. Going with sturdy, well-built closet essentials that will never fail you in the long run doesn’t mean you have to completely sacrifice dressing you and your family well and liking the way you look – you and your family can change it up by layering and adding variable accessories to dress up these pieces.

Save Money on Clothes – Shop Off Season

Shop off season when you can. You might not get the quickest selling, trendiest items this way, but you will save your money. For example, getting a brand new coat should happen at the close of the season when the store is trying to empty its stock to make room for all the next season’s clothing. Save it for next year, and don’t forget: buy clothes for your growing kids a size or two larger than what they are now in order to make sure it will properly fit next year. There are some stores that are specifically outlet stores. These outlets typically buy off the discounted clothing (and other items) other stores tried to get rid of and re-sell it to you at a low price. They sometimes offer some pretty acceptable clothing with small imperfections, too, that didn’t make it to the store with other clothing. See if you can find an outlet store in your area, and you’ll save considerably shopping from there.

Never worry about sacrificing looks too much to save money on clothing. Chances are that since you’re finding clothing from other unknown sources like garage sales, thrift stores, trade-offs, and more, you can still come up with some great looking styles for you and your family that no one else will have or be able to buy anywhere else. Keep in mind that it is actually trendy nowadays to buy used things and pick up some unique pieces. Keep it simple and keep on saving!
Save Money on Clothes – Video

How to Save Money on Clothes

this is a video about how i save money on clothes (: let me know if you have any more tips. i hope this helps you save ! FTC – everything was purchased by me, or borrowed from my sister ! Being able to save money on clothes is important to all of us.

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