Make Your Own Sushi

make your own sushi

Homemade Sushi

Make your own Sushi

Make your own Sushi instead of going to restaurants and put that savings in your piggy bank. Sushi is a Japanese cuisine that can be served at mealtime or even snacktime. Sushi is mostly cooled/boiled rice mixed with rice vinegar which is typically formulated in morsels and topped with fresh seafood. Sushi can also be shaped by a long roll wrapped with seaweed which includes strips of vegetables or fresh fish, and then cut into chunks.
In the past, you would only find sushi in selected Japanese restaurants and specialty stores. These days, people are becoming more experimental and excepting with their food choices. Sushi is now also offered in many grocery stores.

Make Your Own Sushi – Ingredients

Make your own sushi at home; using components and ingredients that you like by making it with love is sure to impress any people who their favorite food is sushi. Here are some things you need to make your own sushi:

• bamboo rolling mat
• sharp knife
• cutting board
• large bowl

The 1st step is to cook the rice. You will use short grain rice or cal-rose rice. Brown rice and instant rice has no place in the sushi. Rice should be slightly tougher and chewier than other rice dishes; it does not mean inadequate cooked,just not overcooked – cooked to the point of mushiness. You can also rinse your rice and drain in a colander after cooking. Once you have moved the rice in a bowl, pour the sushi vinegar on top and mix it. About 1 tablespoon of sushi vinegar per cup of cooked rice should do the trick. Mix well and let it cool. The rice mixture must be cooled before using to make your own sushi.

Make your own Sushi – Nori Seaweed

While cooling the rice, get nori seaweed for sushi rolls. It can be found at Asian grocery stores if not available at general stores. Place the bamboo mat and if desired, cover with plastic wrap to keep it clean. Place a sheet of nori seaweed on top. Spread the rice on top of the seaweed, leaving about an inch of exposed seaweed along the edges to roll it. One of the most common mistakes is putting too much rice of it. The rice should be 1/4” thick and the nori should be visible through the rice. Do notexcess the nori with rice; it may not be able to achieve a good product shot.

Make your own Sushi – Making the roll

Place the ingredients you want in your roll wrap on top of rice near the edge that you will roll first. A California roll contains a slice of avocado, a piece of crab meat and a slice of cucumber. Other rolls contain various sliced vegetables or fish. Place these on top of rice and then start rolling it. You don’t have to apply great pressure to pack the rice and other ingredients inside the roll; the rolling process takes care of that. Slowly bend the roll mat on the nori and fold it as you go. Apply calm pressure as you drive, remove the roll mat and plastic wrap as nori rolls and takes shape. Once the roll made your knife juicy, cut it in 6 to 8 pieces. Once you have done all this things, stand and be ready to serve, enjoy! This sushi recipe would make a perfect meal or snack while watching movies, football game or figure skating, etc. Sushi can be considered a healthy food as compared to most junk foods and it makes the perfect finger food for entertaining.

It´s Easy to Make your own Sushi
While sushi at its most sophisticated is undeniably haute cuisine, at its simplest, sushi is just vinegared rice. It´s easy to make a simple sushi. You just heat a vinegar sauce, cook some rice and toss together. Then prep a few no-cook fillings and toast the nori sheets for wrappers. Arrange everything in bowls and platters and let everyone assemble their own sushi. Vary the filling ingredients according to your taste and budget. To keep costs down, limit fillings to vegetables and imitation crab. For a splurge, add jumbo cooked shrimp, crab legs and sushi-grade raw fish. Watch the video below so you can make your own sushi.

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