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Make Your Own Ornaments For Any Season

Make your own ornaments and save big money

Decorating your home for the holidays can get expensive- but not if you make your own ornaments! Home made ornaments are not only beautiful; they are also becoming the biggest trend holiday decorating. And home made ornaments are for more than just Christmas. You can make your own ornaments for every season. Home made ornaments are great gifts as well- today’s craft projects are a far cry from the glitter and glue you used in elementary school. There are beautiful products available that look professional and make great gifts. The following is a list of how home made ornaments can make your home more beautiful year round.

Make your own ornaments – Valentines Day

Valentines Day is possibly the best holiday when it comes to home made ornaments. Vintage valentine cards make beautiful ornaments. Decorate the edge with glitter glue in gold or silver, punch a hole at the top, and thread a pretty ribbon through the hole. You can add your own touches, like silk roses, into the bow on top of the valentine for a special touch. You can purchase genuine vintage valentines on craft sites, or you can purchase vintage style cards at many local craft and paper stores. After you make your own ornaments for home, give a few to friends to say “I love you”!

Make your own ornaments – Spring

When springtime begins, bring in some flowering branches from outside, and put them into a large vase. Then, make your own ornaments to decorate the branches with. Use plastic “Easter Eggs” decoupaged with thin fabric to make your own Faberge-style eggs. After the decoupage dries thoroughly, decorate the eggs further with glitter, adhesive gems, and even broken pieces of costume jewelry. Once you have finished decorating the eggs, tie a ribbon to them and hang them from flowering branches to make a beautiful spring display.

Make your own ornaments- Halloween

Halloween is a great time to make your own ornaments for the perfect spooky décor. Download vintage-style images, and adhere them to black and orange paper for a simple, kid-friendly Halloween ornament. Or, create paper cones from Halloween patterned paper, punch two holes on the sides of the cone (you may want to reinforce holes to prevent tears), thread a piece of yarn through to make a hanger, and fill with small candy. Hang the completed ornaments from a garland in any room to make the perfect yummy and festive décor. Or, spray paint dead tree branches from your yard black, place into a weighted container, and create a “Halloween Tree.” Hang candy from the branches with ribbons taped to the wrappers, hang small trick or treats like spider rings and Halloween goodies, and let trick or treaters pick an ornament to take home.

Make your own ornaments- Christmas

Of course, Christmas is the perfect time to make your own ornaments. There are hundreds of ideas online for different ornaments, but it might be more fun to simply browse your favorite stores for ideas. Consider creating a tree that consists entirely of home made ornaments. You can also make your own ornaments to tie on to packages to add that something special to holiday gifts. There are endless choices for Christmas ornaments- beautiful papers, sparkly beads, costume jewelry, polymer clay, and almost anything else you have around the house can all become ornaments with the right amount of creativity.
When you make your own ornaments, you are creating something that your family will treasure for more than just a season. Giving home made ornaments is a thoughtful and special gift that shows how much you care. Decorating your home with hand made ornaments all year round will bring a smile to your face every day, and isn’t that what the holidays are about? Another step in living frugally –
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