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Make Your Own Greeting Cards

By Lena / September 11, 2011
make your own greeting cards

make your own greeting cardsWant to make your own greeting cards? Sometimes the economy isn’t the way it should be. There are times when even the most lavish spenders have to cut back to save money. One of the ways to do so is to make your own greeting cards. Wikipedia says “A greeting card is an illustrated, folded card featuring an expression of friendship or other sentiment”, but we know that greeting cards mean so much more.

To make your own greeting cards is fairly simple; all it takes is some paper, pens and embellishments. Cardstock (or scrapbooking paper as many people refer to it) is readily available at both craft and department stores. With the increase in availability, the prices have dropped remarkably. The best prices are generally at department stores. Craft stores will have a bigger selection, but for the purpose of being frugal and saving money, the department store is a better bargain. Another place to buy cardstock, stickers, punches and other embellishments would be a dollar store. The quality is the same as the bigger outlets, but the prices are generally much lower.

To make the greeting card, first decide what the occasion is and who the card is for. This will influence the color of the paper, the verse inside and the embellishments used. For a Christmas card reds and greens are popular, with gold or silver glitter. Holiday themed punches may also be used, such as snowflakes, snowmen, candy and stars. The cards may be folded or made as a single sheet with a matching envelope.

Another type of card that is fun to make is a birthday card. Children will enjoy this as a fun craft when making it for a family member or friend. If their grandparent has an upcoming birthday, a handmade card will be a nice gift in itself. With the world becoming so commercial, a handmade card speaks volumes. Not only is it handmade, but the recipient knows there was a time commitment as well. Anyone who has any knowledge of crafts (and even those who don’t) know it takes time to make a card. Not only has money been saved, but a card has been made that will be treasured.

In addition to Christmas and birthdays, cards may be made for any occasion. There are graduations, baptisms, new babies, weddings, anniversaries, and housewarmings. Cards are also given to those who have lost a family member; these may be a little harder to make due to circumstances but will express volumes. Plus, if you make your own greeting cards you also may wish to save money by making your own invitations. These can be made for any party or gathering. The only limit will be imagination. Some very nice wedding invitations have been made using cardstock and ribbon; the only major investment was the time spent.

Making your own greeting cards is only one way to be frugal and save money. Many cards may be made from one package of paper. Many of the additional supplies purchased will be one-time expenses only. Items such as scissors, punches, cutters and markers can be reused hundreds, even thousands of times. The best part is if the cards turn out great, selling handmade cards may earn enough to at least pay for the next pack of paper. Next holiday or occassion, go for it, and make your loved one a card that can’t be bought at any price, make your own greeting cards.

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