Grow Your Own Poison Ivy Treatment

grow your own posion ivy treatment Grow your own poison ivy treatment

Jewelweed, botanical name Impatiens capensis or sometimes also listed as Chelidonium majus, has been used as a treatment for poison ivy and poison oak for hundreds of years. Other common names for the plant are slipper weed, balsam weed, weathercock, touch-me-not, and Celandine.

Some Native Americans apparently believed that drinking a cup of tea made from mature jewelweed plants in late August or early September would protect them against poison ivy for the following year. We don’t suggest drinking it however. Besides having a foul taste, jewelweed tea can act as a diuretic, which could be dangerous for some people. The plant is safest and most effective when used externally. The stem is full of juice and the juice can be extracted by just cutting open the stems.

Jewelweed is a native wild growing herb that is usually found in the moist woods, close to creek beds, and ironically close to poison ivy. In the summer, they are covered with beautiful blooms. There are two varieties; one that blooms yellow and one that blooms bright orange. The seed pods burst easily when touched, thus the common name “touch-me-not”.

Using Jewelweed to Grow Your Own Poison Ivy Treatment

If you touch poison ivy, you can use the jewelweed juice on the affected area before the rash appears and it probably won’t break out. If you have already developed a rash, the Indians would rub the juicy broken jewelweed stem on the rash until it bled. Then the rash dries out, a scab forms, and it goes away quickly.

As far as growing your own, the seed can be collected and sown, but be careful not to let it take over an area. The seed can also be purchased from specialty seed companies or our source below.
For more good information about preserving the juice, making the juice into a salve, are looking for a natural cure for poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac, jewelweed is your medicinal plantand more about jewelweed, we suggest you watch the video below.

Grow Your Own Poison Ivy Treatment – Video

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