Grow Your Own Loufa

Grow your own loofah

Grow Your Own Loufa Bath Sponge
A loofah sponge is an all natural way to exfoliate your skin and help you to maintain a younger, more vital appearance. Loofah sponges can be purchased and can be somewhat more expensive than artificial sponges, but you can grow your own for a fraction of the cost. Large loufa’s can cost $10-$15 dollars.

A loofah sponge is actually a type of gourd that can be easily grown in a backyard garden as long as it has full sunlight and an extended period in which to mature. The following steps can be used to frown your own loofah sponges.

The seeds for a loofah sponge can be found in any garden retail establishment, though they may not be readily recognizable. When looking for loofah seeds, look for sponge gourd seeds. They are one and the same. They are also easily found on Loofa-Luffa-Loofah Sponge Gourd 40+ Seeds

It is best to purchase these seeds in the winter as you will want to plant them in the early summer. Loofah sponges, like most other gourds require a lengthy growing season as they are notoriously slow growers. If you are in an area that frequently experiences frosty conditions well after the start of spring, the seeds should be planted indoors and transferred outside after the last frost of the season. Southern areas of the country may begin the growth cycle outdoors, but may also reap the benefits of beginning the process indoors for a few weeks.

In order to speed up the germination process, you can place the seeds in between two moist paper towels for up to two weeks prior to planting. This will encourage the seedlings to sprout more quickly.

After transferring the seedlings outdoors into a bright, sunny garden, provide the plant with something to grown on, such as a trellis, fence, or tomato cage. This encourages good air circulation and keeps the loofah sponges from developing flat areas from laying on the ground.

Pick the gourds after they become yellow-brown in color and you can hear the seeds shaking inside the fruit. Cut the fruit from the vine and soak in water several times, changing the water frequently. Wash in soapy water and then let soak in super hot water for up to three hours. Bleach the gourd for fifteen minutes in a mild solution and then dry and store.

Loufa’s make great Christmas and birthday presents.  You can buy and inexpensive basket and put in a couple of home grown loufas with ribbon tied around them, some bubble bath, and maybe another thing or two and have a wonderful bathroom spa present.

Grow Your Own Loufa – Video of a Man and His Gourds

Owen´s Garden Tour – June 12, 2011
Owen´s Gourds. It is unbelievable how these are growing when mine are not doing well at all….. Great Job Owen!

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