Grow Your Own Gourd Birdhouse

Grow your own Gourd Birdhouse

Grow Your Own Gourd Birdhouse

Bird watching is a relaxing pastime enjoyed by many enthusiasts around the world. The easiest way to watch birds is to invite them into your yard and encourage them to set up housekeeping by offering food and appropriate shelter. Offering birds the opportunity to live in your yard or garden doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition if you know how to make your own gourds.

Though gourds are edible, most people don’t grow them for food. They grow them for an assortment of ornamental purposes, one of which is birdhouses. Gourds are easy to grow and even easier to fashion into a colorful, weather resistant birdhouse.

Grow Your Own Gourd Birdhouse – Considerations

The first consideration when growing gourds is location. Gourds do best in a garden will full sunlight available. Gourds are warm climate plants that enjoy many hours of bright sunlight.

Next, the soil should be moderate fertile with a pH of around 5.5. This is a slightly acidic environment and can be tested with the use of an over the counter soil pH test kit that can be purchased at any lawn and garden retailer.

It is best to plant gourd seeds early in the spring in order to take advantage of the lengthening days and available sunlight. Gourds are a notoriously slow growing plant and will require about 140 days to fully mature. They must also be protected from frost at all costs as it will damage the integrity of the gourd itself, making it unsuitable for birdhouse building.

It is important to note that if you are planting in early spring in areas where frosts may occur well into the spring season that gourds should be started in peat pots indoors. They can then be transferred outdoors in approximately 3 weeks.

Give the growing plants a place to climb by building a trellis. This will help keep the gourds from flattening on one side as they won’t be resting on the ground as well as provide adequate air circulation and prevent premature rotting.

Water once a week if rainfall is scare and allow the gourds to ripen until the stems darken. Then pick the vegetables and begin the process of creating birdhouses. Make sure that you pick the gourds before the first frost of fall or the gourd will not be able to be used as a birdhouse as it will go soft.

Grow Your Own Gourd Birdhouse

Enjoy the video below and I hope it inspires you to grow and make your own gourd birdhouses.

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