Grow Your Own Catgrass

By Lena / November 28, 2011

grow your own catgrassGrow Your Own Catgrass

Growing cat grass is really very easy. First, read our article and watch our video focusing on how to plant cat grass. Then we can focus on growing our cat grass. According to Wiki Answers “Cat Oat Grass and Cat Wheat Grass are cereal grasses. The oat grass is widely cultivated for its edible seeds. Our popular breakfast oat cereals and wheat cereals are made from the seeds of these plants!”

Keep your cat grass watered everyday until it is up if needed. Be careful not to overwater since many pots sold for cat grass do not have drain holes. Water as needed after it is up. Keep the grass in a well lighted area close to a window. If your cat doesn’t eat the grass fast enough to keep it standing up, go ahead and cut it back. Cut the pieces you removed into very small pieces and add to your cats food. It is recommended you keep the cat away from your cat until it is about 4 inches tall.

Grow Your Own Catgrass – Tips

Start a new crop of cat grass every two to three weeks. When the grass looks like it is maturing or falling over, disgard it and give your cat a fresher crop. It is good to have 2-3 crops rotating all the time.  You can start catgrass for your friends as a gift for their cat.  A bowl of catgrass and a package of seed will only cost you a couple of dollars if you use a bowl you already have. It is best to use soil that you have purchased from a store instead of digging up soil from your yard.  The soil you buy will be sterile and you will avoid the risks of bringing in insect eggs, soil disease, or other issues.

Grow Your Own Catgrass – Video

Below is a short video showing how fast cat grass grows. This cat grass is growing inside, and in an area with medium indoor light.

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