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Grow and Make Your Own Herbal Wreaths

Make your own herbal wreaths

Grow and Make Your Own Herbal Wreaths

As the holiday season approaches the thought of holiday decorations, especially making your own, makes some of us cringe. If you enjoy crafting and saving money in the process, this idea of growing and then make your own herbal wreaths, will allow you to create festive holiday decorations for your home and the homes of others.
Making a herbal wreath from your own fresh grown herb garden is a unique way to display your herbs and creativity this holiday season.

Make Your Own Herbal Wreaths – Where to Begin

To make your own herbal wreaths, begin by deciding which herbs you will use. Dried herbs are preferred but not necessary. Many of the more commonly grown herbs do not have to be dried before use such as Marjoram, Mint, Oregano, and Rosemary. These herbs will dry beautifully after the wreath is assembled. But, if you use Bay Leaf, Parsley, or Sage you will need to dry them before use..
To dry the herbs tie them in bunches and hang them upside down from any raised surface for a period of three days. Outside drying is preferred, but since many of you may be located in areas that are already experiencing colder temperatures, placing them above the heater vents works just as well.
You want to take care and time the herb drying well as you won’t be able to use over-dried herbs because many will have to be discarded due to breakage. A partially dry, but still flexible herb is the easiest to work with.
You will also need to purchase a wire wreath form from any craft store, or you can make one yourself by bending flexible wires into the desired shape. The ideal size is seven inches in diameter or less, depending on the amount of herbs you have to use.
You will need approximately twenty or so bunches of your favorite herbs with stems that are four to six inches in length. This gives you adequate material to weave with. You will also need some green, flexible coated wire. This is the same wire you would be using if you created your own wreath form.
Take one bunch of herbs and start at the top of the form. Attach the herb bunch to the form by wrapping the flexible wire around the base of the bunch and then around a section of form and secure. Layer the next bunch on top so that the top of the next bunch covers the stem of the first bunch you added. Continue in this fashion until all the bunches are secured to the form.
It is a pretty good idea to somewhat overfill the form with herbs as they will shrink as they dry, leaving an uneven result.
Once completed, hang your wreath in the kitchen. Then, when a recipe calls for a little flavor, take a pinch of your wreath! These wreaths also make excellent gifts for house warmings and the holidays.

Make your own herbal wreaths or watch this Advent Wreath Workshop Video

Making an Advent Wreath from garden and yard clippings or trimmings, herbs or fresh greenery is a simple way to celebrate the season. It is a lovely, natural touch to your seasonal decor, as well as a meaningful reminder of Advent in your home. If you use fresh clippings, you have the added benefit of their beautiful scent. Make your own herbal wreaths today.

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