Groupon Savings

Groupon Savings

Groupon savings for cash strapped couples

Everyone knows that when you start out together all the important things are usually the first things to consider. When the budget is first laid out for inspection the top items on the list go something like this: earnings, mortgage, heat, hydro, phone, car and insurance. The last items are usually clothing, entertainment and food. So how do we cut those corners and still meet our expectations and needs. We’re using Groupon to save money.

Groupon Savings – A Variety of Choices

The variety of choices available to us as Groupon savings has increased immensely along with the variety contained in the offers. We set aside a ‘date’ night and then decide where that will happen just by scheduling one of the offers we’ve selected. One week we’ll have a Thai dinner, attend a live show/supper club, browse through an art gallery, take a walking tour through a local vineyard or just rent a movie to watch at home. It doesn’t stop there though, we have had our car oil changed and lubricated, had our furnace inspected, lawn reseeded and security alarm installed. This was all at a significant discount and a momentous advantage to our budget. When our income meets or exceeds our needs we can plan ahead and schedule to purchase coupons for a later date. Instead of living within a pay check to pay check existence, we realize usingĀ  Groupon to save money has fit quite nicely into the scheme of things.
Occasionally an offer for a coupon arrives that will allow us with our Groupon savings to purchase those large or special items. That certainly helps to populate our living quarters or some other need. Computers, couches, snow tires, and carpeting are all on this list, and have been used to great effectiveness. Once, a newly constructed hotel a few hours away offered a weekend stay for a discounted rate. That afforded us a much needed respite away from the everyday grind and duties we all face.

Groupon Savings – Strategy

It’s just part and become one of the family budget strategies we employ to stretch that increasing shrinking dollar. These days every tool in the arsenal needs to be used to the maximum effect. And because of the variety of retailers participating
a whole spectrum of family needs and wants are satisfied without excessive monetary drain.
After using this system for a period of time it becomes a habit and a bit of fun trying to be creative and adventurous in our entertainment choices. I think soon that offer for a balloon ride might be purchased! But, I think, for us, the purchase of a half price coupon for sky diving will not. Oh well we’ll just have to skip that opportunity.
We have found that these ideas and strategies have worked well, and merged into our budgetary needs seamlessly. We realize that others will have different criteria to consider when they do their scheduling and tweaking of the system they decide works best for them. Hopefully they will be as successful as we have been using Groupon to save money.

Groupon Savings – Video

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