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This App Can Save Water And Money

By Lena / April 19, 2016

Information is a key to behavioral change and that’s why Robb Barnitt started Dropcountr, an application that can help customers save water by using technology to better understand their usage and offer the best opportunities to conserve. Water Deeply spoke to Barnitt about his company and its impact. Robb Barnitt wanted to find out how […]


Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill – Rent a cell phone

By Lena / October 17, 2011

Save money on your cell phone bill Probably there’s nobody nowadays who won’t like to speak on mobile phones for long hours, so the ability to save money on your phone bill is attractive to everyone. However, there’s something before us which prohibits us of spending more time on mobile conversation. Often some users complain […]


Save on Your Water Bill

By Lena / October 10, 2011

Save on your water bill It is a simple concept – save water and therefore save on your water bill. Water is a precious resource available to us in Earth. Of all the available water on the earth, roughly just four percent of them are potable water. This fact should make us think on saving […]


Save Money on Your Electric Bill

By Lena / September 11, 2011

Save Money on Your Electric Bill One of the most frustrating bills that you can never escape is the electric bill. And you know what is even worse? It is when you expect the bill for the month will be low, but upon receiving the bill it is higher. The reason behind this is the […]