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know your foreclosure rights

By Lena / January 18, 2013

Know Your Foreclosure Rights When you take out a mortgage, you agree to pay the bank each month until the mortgage is paid off. If you lose your job, have a health care crisis or otherwise find yourself unable to pay, you might face foreclosure. Foreclosure is a legal process in which the bank resells […]


how to teach yourself to be financially successful

By Lena / January 16, 2013

How To Teach Yourself To Be Financially Successful Everybody wants to save money and get ahead financially, especially in a tough economy. Financial advisors tend to repeat the same type of advice to almost everybody about saving and investing. If you’ve tried getting professional help with your finances and it didn’t work for you, don’t […]


all about credit and credit repair

By Lena / January 14, 2013

All About Credit and Credit Repair If you want to improve your finances, you need to take care of your credit. Having a high credit score is important to your financial health, so you should check your credit for omissions and errors and make sure to make changes to your financial plan in order to […]


advice for saving money

By Lena / January 12, 2013

Advice for Saving Money Everyone should make every attempt to save money. It can be difficult to put money away especially when you are living paycheck to paycheck like so many people are these days. Whether planning for retirement, saving for a vacation or school tuition, these tips could help you establish a savings account […]


stay well informed when you are establishing credit

By Lena / December 28, 2012

Stay Well Informed When You Are Establishing Credit When you are first obtaining credit, there are many things that could trip you up. You really need to take the necessary time to know what the credit card company offers and is about. You should know all the details before you apply. Keep these tips in […]


tips to get your financial life under control

By Lena / December 25, 2012

Tips to Get Your Financial Life Under Control Money makes the world go round, but most of us have limited resources that we must make the most of. Unless you have a high paying job, it is easy for your financial life to spiral out of control, but the following advice can help you rein […]


your financial resource

By Lena / December 23, 2012

Your Financial Resource So many people today wish they knew how to properly manage their finances. If you have been trying to manage your finances for some years now but have always come up empty then you are definitely in the right place. Lucky for you this article has a lot of helpful advice on […]


using real estate to grow your finances

By Lena / December 21, 2012

Using Real Estate to Grow Your Finances Some people like to put away a few bucks out of every paycheck in that big glass jar. Others like to put their money into a high-interest savings account. And some people like to put their money to work, either investing in stocks and bonds or in the […]


what you can do to stretch your dollar

By Lena / December 18, 2012

What You Can Do To Stretch Your Dollar If you want to manage your personal finances effectively, one of the first things that you should do is to learn how to make every dollar count. Here is good advice on what you can do to get the most out of the money that you earn. […]


what you must know about staying in the black

By Lena / December 14, 2012

What You Must Know About Staying in the Black If you are like most people you desire to live a debt free life, but in this day and age that can be very difficult, but not impossible. There are many things that you can do by planning ahead to keep yourself debt free. […]

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