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Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill – Rent a cell phone

By Lena / October 17, 2011

Save money on your cell phone bill Probably there’s nobody nowadays who won’t like to speak on mobile phones for long hours, so the ability to save money on your phone bill is attractive to everyone. However, there’s something before us which prohibits us of spending more time on mobile conversation. Often some users complain […]


Frugal Vacations Abroad

By Lena / October 16, 2011

Frugal Vacations Abroad Planning frugal vacations abroad can be much fun if you have the right attitude and imagination. Correct and proper planning and budgeting is needed in order to have a memorable and relaxed vacation. The world economy has brought in a recession and taking a vacation seems almost impossible. However, there are frugal […]


Save Money on Auto Insurance

By Lena / October 15, 2011

Is it possible to Save money on auto insurance? Unless of course you’ve looked around recently, you are able to most likely take advantage of one of these simple ideas to avoid wasting substantial money each month whenever you pay your rates! Some suggestions can help you save 15%, 20%, or maybe more. Consider that. […]


Make Your Own Sushi

By Lena / October 14, 2011

Make your own Sushi Make your own Sushi instead of going to restaurants and put that savings in your piggy bank. Sushi is a Japanese cuisine that can be served at mealtime or even snacktime. Sushi is mostly cooled/boiled rice mixed with rice vinegar which is typically formulated in morsels and topped with fresh seafood. […]


Save Money on Home Owners Insurance

By Lena / October 12, 2011

Save money on home owners insurance Should you own a house or are presently out to purchase one, home owners insurance coverage is a well known fact of existence for you personally. You would be challenged to locate a loan provider that will loan serious cash without needing you have home owners insurance. It’s better […]


Save on Your Water Bill

By Lena / October 10, 2011

Save on your water bill It is a simple concept – save water and therefore save on your water bill. Water is a precious resource available to us in Earth. Of all the available water on the earth, roughly just four percent of them are potable water. This fact should make us think on saving […]



By Lena / October 3, 2011

Using to Save Money Using to save money is relatively simple. One simply goes to, checks the coupons they would like, and clicks print. However, with the following few tips one can even maximize more savings when using to save money. SmartSource Are the Sunday Paper Coupon Guys For any couponer, […]


Buy Vintage Clothes For Money Savings

By Lena / October 1, 2011

How To Buy Vintage Clothes For Money Savings Locating vintage gems on the racks of quaint consignment stores or in digital etsy booths isn’t reserved for quirky starlets seeking to make an impression or green celebrities setting a sustainable example. Selecting vintage clothes for money savings has many stylish but wise investors beyond the limelight […]


Where to Find Coupons Online

By Lena / September 30, 2011

Find Coupons Online and Save Money If you have decided to save some money when shopping, you may be wondering where to find coupons online. This is very easy to do, but it will quicker and easier if you are a little organized. You will also need a printer so that you can download and […]

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