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This App Can Save Water And Money

By Lena / April 19, 2016

Information is a key to behavioral change and that’s why Robb Barnitt started Dropcountr, an application that can help customers save water by using technology to better understand their usage and offer the best opportunities to conserve. Water Deeply spoke to Barnitt about his company and its impact. Robb Barnitt wanted to find out how […]


Turn An Old Tire Into A Stunning Ottoman!

By Lena / April 15, 2016

If you have an old tire lying around, this is the perfect way to spruce it up into something not only beautiful but completely functional for the home. While it’s hard to imagine something as drab as a car tire being transformed into something unrecognizable, Nicole Kow shows us how onecan become a shabby-chic ottoman […]


Your spring home maintenance checklist

By Lena / April 14, 2016

 (David Morello Garden Enterprises, Inc. / Houzz)  (Chase & Arnold, Inc. / Houzz)  (Visual Jill Interior Decorating / Houzz) Previous Next With the days lengthening and weather warming, spring is a good time to get outdoors and tackle some larger home projects. Now that the threat of winter storms has passed, you can look for […]


Poor People Have To Spend More On Toilet Paper Than The Rich: Study

By Lena / April 13, 2016

Underserved households often have no choice but to pass up a good deal, even if it could save them money in the long term, a new study concluded. A study out of the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business found that poor people spend more on toilet paper than rich people do. But the […]


It May Look Like A Basket Of Cash, But It’s *So* Much More Than That

By Lena / April 12, 2016

  These women prove that building a nest egg doesn’t have to be a one-man show (or a one-woman show, for that matter). Meet Ho Thi Lien: She’s 30 years old. She lives with her husband, daughter, and in-laws in a small village in Vietnam. Money is tight. After paying for the basics, saving cash […]


College Student Made His Own Braces For $60, And His Teeth Look Fantastic

By Lena / April 11, 2016

This student can confidently grin from ear to ear — and it’s not because of a good orthodontist.  Amos Dudley, a 24-year-old digital design major at New Jersey Institute of Technology, felt self-conscious about his teeth. But being a student, Dudley didn’t have the funds to get braces. Amos Dudley Dudley’s teeth before wearing his […]